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About Docky

Docky is a tool to quickly build a fully-functional REST API without needing to invest time on setting up specific endpoint and operations.

Instead of that, it brings a Firebase-like approach, offering a documents service through which perform CRUD operations on a database.

Additionally, an authentication service is offered to generate jwt tokens after validating the user’s e-mail ownership.

All of this, offering extensible mechanisms to customize the service to meet the requirements of the application.

Main components

Install and running it

Please refer to the documentation of each package to know how to use it:

Projects using Docky

There are some projects that use Docky as a base to build their own services. You can check them out to see how Docky is used in real projects:

About @useful-tools

This is part of @useful-tools, a set of NPM packages intended to provide quick-to-learn and to use tools to build javascript applications.