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Docky documentation

What is docky authentication service

Docky authentication service is a library to quickly provide an REST API to authenticate users and log them in.

It works by sending a validation code by e-mail to the user, and then validating it by sending it back to the API. If the code is valid, a JWT token is generated and returned to the user.

This JWT token can then be used to authorize operations on the documents service.

How to install

Install the package by running:

npm install @useful-tools/docky-authentication-service

How to use

To run the authentication service, it is needed to load the service configuration, and then start it.

import * as dotenv from 'dotenv'
import {loadConfig, startAuthenticationService} from '@useful-tools/docky-authentication-service/dist'

dotenv.config({ path: '../.env' })

    commonAppName: 'My app name',
    commonDisableCors: false, /* true to disable cors access */
    commonOrganizationName: 'My org name',
    commonMongoDbConnectionString: 'Connection string to mongo',
    commonTokenSecret: 'JWT token secret',
    commonMongoDbDatabase: 'MongoDB database name',
    authCollection: 'Collection name to store authentication details',
    authPort: Number(3001),
    authSmtpHost: 'SMTP host to send emails',
    authSmtpPort: Number(465),
    authSmtpUser: 'SMTP user',
    authSmtpPassword: 'SMTP password',
    authSmtpSender: ''
    authLimitAccessByEmail: true, /* true to limit who can log in with the two following params */
    authAllowedDomains: ',',
    authAllowedEmails: ','


Extending the Express app

The Express app can be extended by using the methods addMiddleware and getExpressApp. The first one is used to add a custom middleware to the Express app. The second one is used to get the Express app, which can be used (among other things), to add custom routes to the app.

You can find some examples by looking at the Docky documents service readme file.